Welcome to Demain, French for 'tomorrow,' and the start of our journey towards a gastronomic and sustainable future. A future where we establish a connection between savoring exceptionally good food and caring for our planet. A journey that we embark on together with our team and our guests.

Demain Restaurant stands for casual gastronomic enjoyment in a modern ambience. Here we fulfill our ambition to add something to the culinary landscape of Europe according to our insights.

Three themes are central to our philosophy. We aim to provide our guests with unforgettable moments by stimulating all the senses. Drawing from our personal vision and experience, we prepare dishes in which tradition and innovation form a natural connection. Therefore, future perspective is crucial for us since we are making wise choices today for tomorrow.

We warmly invite you to come and experience the connecting power of music, interior and the warmth of our hospitality, to create memories and enjoy new experiences together. Discover, dream, and relish in the best that our profession has to offer, with a view of the ever-changing skies and beaches of Cadzand-Bad.

We hope to see you (again) soon in our restaurant. À demain!

Dani & Romée